Counselling benefits

Counselling can help when you need someone else to look at your problem impartially, some one who will not judge you and who will accept you as you are. It can help simply to talk to another person about how you feel about what has happened or is happening in your life. It is then possible to work together to either discover a solution to the problem or to find a different way of thinking about it so that you will be able to cope.

I specialise in lifting depression, managing anxiety and bereavement support. I also offer help with abuse, phobias, relationship issues and bullying.

"Besides Sally simply listening to me, she taught me to take certain action steps in the face of depression/anxiety".

"The course was an opportunity to look at stressors in my life and ways that I can effectively deal with them to improve the quality of my life. Relaxation techniques were very useful and ways to still the mind".